Team Resources


It’s important to always use our official logo. Please never attempt to duplicate it. To download a logo, click on the button for the logo you want and then right-click on the logo and select “Save As”. Or if you’re trying to send a logo to someone, click the button for the logo you want and copy the link from the address bar and send that link. I did it this way since they’re such large files. No need to worry about attachments here.


The first four colors below are from our logo and the rest are just pleasantly-coordinating accent colors. Yes, I gave the colors Florida-themed names.


Hexadecimal: #F8F5E8

RBG: 248, 245, 232


Hexadecimal: #1d1e1e

RBG: 29, 30, 30


Hexadecimal: #8aaa00

RBG: 138, 170,


Hexadecimal: #d5901a

RBG: 213, 144, 26


Hexadecimal: #d64e00

RBG: 214, 78, 0


Hexadecimal: #DBB114

RBG: 219, 177, 20


Hexadecimal: #89C795

RBG: 137, 199, 149


Hexadecimal: #7AB9E6

RBG: 122, 185, 230

Often Useful

Please always collect completed forms when taking pictures that include minors. Otherwise we cannot use said photos. Versions in Spanish and Haitian Creole are said to be coming soon.


Please send all items that will be seen outside of the Florida Impact staff to the graphic designer final design review, but if you’re just looking for a starting point or are just wanting to keep your in-house items branded and polished, use the templates below.

Printable Cards

When printed the PDF’s below, there will be two cards per sheet of 8.5″ x11″ card stock. All you have to do is print, cut, and fold to create 4.25″ x 5.5″ cards.


It’s important that any photos you use are sourced legally and ethically. Florida Impact owns hundreds of photos collected throughout the years from paid stock photography sites like and so on, which you can find by clicking the “View Old and Purchased Stock Photos”. But there are also plenty of photos you can download for free from the sites linked below. Never use random photos you find on the internet due to risk of lawsuit.