Meet Kaley! ✨ Intern Intros

Kaley MacDonald joined the Florida Impact team in October 2022.

She is currently studying Dietetics at Florida State University with a minor in Child Development.

After she graduates this spring with her Bachelor’s, she will go on to get her Master’s in Dietetics with a focus on food sustainability.

As a dietetic intern for Florida Impact, Kaley contributes to the Farm to Leon County Schools project — also referred to as “Farm to Fort” when working within the Fort Braden community — by leading nutrition education and engaging students through fun Taste Tests in which the students eat a new, locally grown produce each month.

Farm to Leon County Schools is an initiative that helps connect local farmers to the community in order to provide healthier and fresher options to children by combining nutrition and agricultural education in local schools.

Kaley has noticed that the children who participate in the Taste Tests get excited trying new foods as she encourages them to bring home what they learn and make new meals with the foods they try.

She is now working with the Florida Impact team to build a garden at Fort Braden with the goal to emphasize fresh healthy options that can be used in their everyday school lunches while involving the students in the growth process of certain foods.

Kaley is passionate about educating the public on nutrition and agricultural sustainability while working with her team to come up with new opportunities to get the community excited about consuming healthier food options.

In her free time, Kaley enjoys spending time outdoors, being with friends and family, cooking, reading, and traveling.

— Kaley

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